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1) Запрещено спамить порно сайты и рекламу xxx для взрослых, в том числе публиковать любые другие запрещенные материалы по законам!!!
2) Запрещено называть тему чисто английскими буквами или цифрами (кириллица - не важно), ваше название темы должно содержать как минимум 50% русских / украинских слов
(осмысленное название), ибо чисто англ. буквы (в том числе ссылки), это тупой спам на который потом ссылаются с интернета всякие боты, п0рн0 спамеры, а они мне тут и нафиг не нужны.
3) При не соблюдении первых двух правил - вы будете забанены по IP, не вынуждайте меня этого делать.
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The particular ultra-high-speed rotary movement from the new Jacob & Co. Astronomia Revolution Mad astronomy on fast track...

In recent times, Jacob & Co. high quality cheap watches has managed to create several of the wildest, craziest and most tricky watches. Among them is Jacob & Co. Astronomia. This particular iconic design sparked some sort of saga that began inside 2014, with countless accomplishments featuring various technical developments or background scenes. This specific ultra-complex timepiece was at first created for poetic renderings in the celestial world, looking like a orrery on the wrist, in the event you will. With it, every ingredient is in constant motion: typically the movement turns itself as well as drives the arms this carry the different functions, as well as a flying tourbillon regulator starting in a mesmerizing ballet. Typically the Jacob & Co. Astronomia starts out spinning every 30 minutes, then increases the acceleration to every 10 minutes, or even each 5 minutes! The Astronomia Emerging trend takes this concept to the next level and also breaks all records using an ultra-fast 1 minute rotate.

"We've been cultivating often the Astronomia movement for nine years, " said PRESIDENT Benjamin Arabov. It commenced at an incredible rate (for the time) of one emerging trend every 20 minutes. They have unique, unheard of, and not just the evolution of astronomy. This kind of piece has been recreated using a recipe. It required revolutionary parts, inventions, and the driving force involving Jacob & Co. Astronomia Revolution is "Inspired by Impossible", and we make it possible. micronperfect cheap Watches

break up the speed limit
This speedy one-minute revolution makes the hottest Astronomia timepieces even more dazzling in terms of design and techie complexity. The Kinetic THREE-DIMENSIONAL movement also drives the actual biaxial flying tourbillon (which rotates in 1 small and 15 seconds correspondingly, or a three-axis tourbillon in view that the movement makes a single revolution per minute). The second arm supports a skeletonized translucent red dial showcasing the hours and a few minutes. As the movement makes just one revolution every 1 tiny, the third arm "actually" echos the seconds and the dark red hand rotates itself throughout 15 seconds. The 60-point notched bezel is customized with a matching minute trail. If it's hard to imagine, the particular animation below will give you a perception of this truly mesmerizing discussion.

miracle of time
This technical miniature is housed within the impressive case measuring 47mm in diameter and 27mm thick. It is protected by the highly domed sapphire very with anti-reflective coating. A new veritable feat of technological know-how, the case is made of gold along with features multiple sapphire crystal clear windows that allow you to admire typically the ever-changing rotation of the mobility from different angles. In addition to, as is Jacob & Company Astronomia tradition, it has not any visible crown. The motion is wound and set by means of the two up buttons for the rear of the discount replica watch.

The view of the movements is further enhanced by way of a bridge covered with 17 honeycomb mirrors in 5N rose gold, reflecting its sophiisticatedness. Each gold mirror is definitely polished to the highest qualification and is slightly beveled on very precise angles. Often the array was inspired by simply one of the greatest astronomical tools made in recent history: the Wayne Webb Space Telescope.

Toning down Power - High-Frequency Polyphony
The ultra-complex hand-wound activity inside the watch is the quality JCAM48B. With a diameter connected with 42. 30 mm, 21 years of age, 600 vibrations per hour plus a power reserve of 36 a long time - this brings us to at least one of the main technical obstacles: power management!

One of the main complex difficulties of Astronomia swiss watches has always been powering the mobility and moving it in great balance at the end of each supply. Astronomia Revolution takes idea to a new level of complexity. In order to provide the impressive capacity to drive its ultra-high-speed sequence, the movement must be competent to store a large amount of energy. This can be achieved by using two vats. But dealing with such potent forces is easier said in comparison with done.replica watches swiss

First, it needs to be seeing that consistent as possible. In fact , often the force transmitted by the see barrel is irregular. Robust torque is available when thoroughly wound, then slowly battres off throughout the power reserve. That affects the speed of the observe because the balance wheel is absolutely not perfectly isochronous. This encouraged Jacob and Co to help devise a mechanism meant to balance the forces on the mainspring. This is the key to making certain a steady rate, which in turn makes certain that the movement platform swivels smoothly and regularly every sixty seconds.

To this end, the Astronomia Revolution uses a very exclusive balance wheel mechanism, built in the tourbillon cage, that is certainly patent pending. The Remontoire mechanism stores small similar amounts of energy in a spring and coil to deliver energy at frequent intervals (usually in augmentations of up to one second). The following, the balance works at an unheard of rate of 6 coup per second, which means just about every vibration of the balance! It can be based on a whip as well as a "remontoire escape wheel". Each one vibration of the wheel emits the whip, which then secretes the winding wheel with the remontoire mainspring for the next spiral.Replica luxury watches price

The Jacob and Co Astronomia Revolution comes on a new black Cordura strap and is particularly secured to the wrist by just a gold-tone folding clasp.

Scenario: Diameter 47mm x Levels 27mm - 18K rose gold colored, or 18K white gold as well as black DLC white gold instructions Sapphire case - Domed sapphire with anti-reflective treatment method - Water resistant to one month meters
Dial: Red polycarbonate skeleton dial with 5N markers - rose gold dauphine hands - steel arrow-shaped hands set with man-made rubies
Movement: Manual hustleing Caliber JCAM48B (manufactured by means of Concepto) - 42. 30mm x 19. 30mm : 21, 600vph - thirty four hours power reserve - 53 jewels - 18 lustrous 5N rose gold honeycomb magnifying wall mount mirror - Rotating satellite bracket: 1 rotation in a single minute Circles - Turning Arrow: 1 revolution with 15 seconds - Biaxial Flying Tourbillon: 1st axis: 1 revolution in one particular minute 2nd axis: just one revolution in 15 just a few seconds - Constant force, 1/6 second. Frequency (patent pending) - Functions: hours in addition to minutes, rotating movement
Tie: Black Cordura Rubber Blackout lining - Gold Deployment Hold

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