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1) Запрещено спамить порно сайты и рекламу xxx для взрослых, в том числе публиковать любые другие запрещенные материалы по законам!!!
2) Запрещено называть тему чисто английскими буквами или цифрами (кириллица - не важно), ваше название темы должно содержать как минимум 50% русских / украинских слов
(осмысленное название), ибо чисто англ. буквы (в том числе ссылки), это тупой спам на который потом ссылаются с интернета всякие боты, п0рн0 спамеры, а они мне тут и нафиг не нужны.
3) При не соблюдении первых двух правил - вы будете забанены по IP, не вынуждайте меня этого делать.
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During the summer vacation, I went to Rizhao for the first time to play, and it was the first time I went to the port city - Qingdao. Qingdao is very beautiful, the sea is green and green, and there is no end to it; the white beach is shining in the sun under the sun; the mountain is not majestic and steep, and the Taoist temple is full of mystery; Qingdao is still a beautiful military port just arrived in Qingdao, I can��t wait to go to the beach run. My mother told me to come to the trestle with my sister. This bridge is really long, so I can't see it at first glance. Then we went to the Naval Museum, where there were cannons, ships, and various warships. I also entered the submarine. There are some sophisticated instruments and instruments. I walked from the beginning to the end and it was really fun. We rushed to the underwater world. First came to the Dream Jellyfish Palace. Just entering the door is like entering a dream world. There are jellyfish of various colors in the jellyfish palace, pink, gold, brown, and colorful. Going to the specimen house, there are specimens of various deep-sea fish and aquatic insects, all of which are licking their teeth and fangs. There are big eyes, big mouths, big belly fish, and especially long bugs! It's a little scary. The most fun thing to say is the aquarium, where we watched the mermaid show, telling the love story of the mermaid and the prince. Then I saw a transparent cylinder more than 10 meters high with some corals and many colorful tropical fish. Don't look at these tropical fish Newport Cigarettes, but they are very beautiful. Especially the color of tropical fish, red orange yellow green blue blue purple everything. It seems to be a world-class painter who paints all the world's paints. All the fish swim in the water, just like the birds flying freely in the sky and going out to the bottom of the world mokingusacigarettes.com. Lushan is so beautiful! From the foot of the mountain to the middle of the mountain Parliament Cigarettes, I feel sore and sore. Sitting on the stone bench for a while, I found a mountain stream flowing silently from the mountain, and the water was clear. Climbing along the stone steps along the creek, you can visit the Taiqing Palace and the Yuqing Palace Carton Of Cigarettes. The smog is smoky, quiet and surprising, full of mystery, and people can't help but recall the story of the Lushan Taoist. We finally climbed to the top and experienced the pride of ��Shan Gao Man Wei Feng��. The last stop was the beach. The sea breeze blew, the waves slap the sand on the shore, stepping on the wet sand, thin, really comfortable. We put on our bathing suits and took a swim ring to swim in the sea. One wave after another hit me on the beach. Mom kept reminding me of safety and not going to the deep sea. The swimming was tired. My sister and I piled up a lot of sandcastles on the beach and picked up a lot of beautiful shells. It��s really fun. Qingdao travel is over. I am reluctant to look back and look at Qingdao��s beautiful European sea view room and board the return coach Wholesale Cigarettes. Qingdao left a good impression on me. The beauty stayed in my heart and it became a permanent memory
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