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Внимание, всего 3 правила:
1) Запрещено спамить порно сайты и рекламу xxx для взрослых, в том числе публиковать любые другие запрещенные материалы по законам!!!
2) Запрещено называть тему чисто английскими буквами или цифрами (кириллица - не важно), ваше название темы должно содержать как минимум 50% русских / украинских слов
(осмысленное название), ибо чисто англ. буквы (в том числе ссылки), это тупой спам на который потом ссылаются с интернета всякие боты, п0рн0 спамеры, а они мне тут и нафиг не нужны.
3) При не соблюдении первых двух правил - вы будете забанены по IP, не вынуждайте меня этого делать.
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The snow was deep, and there were no footprints or tracks, which showed that Ralph had gone nowhere after leaving my cabin the day before, except that he had driven the truck and stopped a few bells uphill, and that was the only time I had been able to find his cabin. Finally I walked stubbornly through the snow to the bar. From the outside it looked like it had been closed for months, but it had looked that way before. No one was at any of the tables, but a man came from the back and stood behind the front reception desk. His hair was white, his face was discolored in many places, and his eyes were clear and sharp. I gave the order to a pier and he placed it in front of me. I asked to see the food list. 'No more food.' 'Why so?' 'It should be roulade the day before.' 'Are you here for Nethi?' He just looked at me. 'You're Dan, right?' He approved. 'what is your name?' 'I don't know. Do you know?' He shook his head and refused. 'We've never met.' I led Pierre to the table in the corner, where he was lighting a small fire. After a while I bought another beer.

When I went to the front desk WhatsApp Number List again, he was not there and would not come out. I left some money on the table, poured myself a beer, drank it, repeated it a few times, and then went out. It was snowing again, it was getting dark, and after a while I fell down and couldn't get up, I honestly couldn't think of any good reasons to get up. I don't know how long, and when I opened my eyes there was Ralph standing in front of me, a shadow in the falling snow behind his head. I was in no rush to get up. Snow was cold, but comfortable. 'We need to stop meeting like this.' There was some mercy in the way he looked down at me, helped me up, and led me back to the lodge. 13 I woke up before dawn. It didn't take me long to pack my things. I kept the few remaining tubs and boxes in the cupboards of the small kitchen. There were some when I arrived. We must exchange our shares. I left the hut when it was light. Outside it was bright and clean. But I knew that situation would not last. Stopped by Ralph's hut and didn't tell him I was going. Last night he said goodnight after taking me to my hut and leaving. Then he didn't come. He had nothing to do with me anymore and was waiting for me to leave.


But I found a note on a piece of paper on my desk. 'I'll be back tomorrow night,' it said. 'Tell me what you did.' But I couldn't do that, so I quit. I think I might know him better. I don't think we should have lost touch. I know he did what he did for good reasons. We must see to it that nothing comes between us and creates a rift. Everything could have ended differently. It must have been staring at me, and I had gotten to the point where I was the only one to see if I could do anything about it, and I did something like repeatedly start and shut down a broken machine. It's not his fault. No one but us can live our lives, even if we spend most of our time quoting others and walking the paths they have paved. I didn't know which way to go, but I suspected it was something worth knowing as I lay in my bed, listening to the echoes of the pre-dawn hours in the dark, with the smokey tree trunk swirling around me. If we have a goal, we may never discover everything. No matter what the goal is, no matter how small. There are certain paths that go nowhere, only to fall at the feet of those who wait.

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