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Piaget expands its successful model family in the sport-chic segment with a new version. The new product draws attention with its black dial and black rubber strap, a first in the collection Watches as well as Wonders fair, which ended recently, hosted many important novelties introduced by participating brands. If we look at the organization specifically for Piaget, we can say that the most important innovation is the Altiplano Ultimate Concept. In addition , we can add the Limelight Gala models, which are among the most refined examples of jewelry/watch combinations, to the list of 2022 Piaget novelties that attract attention. However , besides the models I mentioned, there was another model that was launched quietly, which I think was an important novelty not only for Piaget but for the actual exhibition in general. Yes, I am talking about the new edition of Piaget Piaget Polo Date G0A47027, the brand’s successful design family within the sport-chic concept. So , why do I see this type as an essential novelty? Before we start to explain, let’s take a brief look at the history of the Piaget Polo idea. Polo, which Piaget released in 1979, was an interesting model that combined the particular brand’s experience in both watches and jewelry with the sport-chic trend of the period. Designed by Yves G. Piaget, one of the fourth-generation members of the Piaget family, the unit was dazzling with its bracelet integrated not only in form but also visually, and with its ultra-thin Caliber 7P quartz movement, which was considered advanced technology at that time. The model, that became one of the iconic designs of the 80s, became a best-seller by covering almost 1/3 from the brand’s entire sales.

Having displayed the fluctuating graphic with different versions until today, Piaget Piaget Polo Date G0A47027 embarked on a journey from Piaget’s dusty archives to the design studio, with the help of the rapidly shining star of the sport-chic concept. When the calendars showed 2016, we had a modern, dynamic, and masculine Piaget Punta. The new generation Polo S concept, which usually started with three-handed versions, continued to expand along with chronograph variations over time. Not indifferent towards the ever-growing rise of the luxury sports watch concept, typically the well-established brand soon managed versions together with 36mm diameters aimed at female users, as well as different dial colors. Being a participant at the Watches and also Wonders 2022 fair, which was held again in physical format after a long break, Piaget also included a new Attrazione model among this year’s novelties. The new model was renamed Fundamento Date instead of the Polo H, although it hasn’t changed much in terms of style or technique after the past six years. Let’s take a closer look at the stylish style. The new version comes with a 42mm diameter along with 9. 4mm thick case. For the design of the case, it is inevitable to say that it bears traces of the classic models of the sport-chic concept. But this situation should not be seen as copying, because this principle has some very clear rules, even if they are not written in black and white. Although 42mm seems like a very bold size, especially nowadays when situation diameters are getting smaller, the feel of the view on the wrist is not that big. The sporty case looks like it has a diameter of 40mm on the hand, with the effect of the thick bezel and the expertly crafted polished chamfers. The case, hosting sapphire crystals on both sides, is waterproof up to 100 meters suitable for the model’s sporty character. The switch, which is among the distinguishing features of the stylish magic size, offers a nice look with its matte dark background using horizontal lines. In fact , often the black call is not exactly new for Piaget Bordo, as this color was also used in types with dark-colored ADLC coating in 2017. However , it is definitely any novelty as black is used together with some sort of steel case for the first time in this new model. Indices in addition to hands unique to the modern Piaget Estremit? model family members provide optimum legibility in almost any environment, thanks to the exact Super-LumiNOVA phosphor application. The minute scale placed on the outside of the very dial allows the time to be read precisely. A trapezoidal window is designed for the date display located at 6 o’clock. The actual disc visible from the window is prepared in african american font on white background. Under normal circumstances, I would prefer not to have this date windowpane, or, I would like the disc to be designed with a white font on a black history. However , I really like the day display within this model. I think it adds movement for the dial using its unusual form. I also really like the color palette. The white-focused design makes the date windows look like a slightly thicker index without disturbing the visual integrity in the dial. Nicely done Piaget!

Let’s get to the motion part. The particular in-house Caliber 1110P beats at the heart on the new product. The movements, visible through the sapphire crystal display circumstance back, offers stylish and elegant details, as expected from a brand name whose special talents include designing ultra-thin movements. Measuring 25. 58mm x 4mm, the automatic movement is better than at a frequency of 4Hz (28. 800vph) and offers a power reserve of up to 50 hours when fully wound. Typically the strap, which is another novelty for the new model, is made of black rubberized. The comfortable strap, sporting horizontal outlines following the face, is fastened to the arm by a Piaget Piaget Extremo Date G0A47027 signed folding clasp. The case, compatible with the main brand’s quick strap change system, additionally allows the use of extra straps designed with different color plus material alternatives.
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Overall, I quite like the new Piaget Cardine Date Black Ref. G0A47014 model. I believe it is a stylish and distinctive model amongst many products that follow the sport-chic hype that has left its mark in recent years. Of course , I also thought of the Patek Philippe Aquanaut resemblance that many of you thought of. Still I see this particular similarity as a refinement with the concept of “sports luxury enjoy with plastic strap” in favor of Piaget (against Patek). First of all, the time window alone can be a reason for preference itself. In addition , the fact that the case design and style lacks the hard corners of your Aquanaut furthermore makes the Piaget Piaget Polo Date G0A47027 one step ahead. I am sure there will be ones saying “But hey, it’s a Patek! ”. Considering that it really is almost impossible to buy the Aquanaut from the dealer and the gray market prices have remained irrational, especially with the senseless price increase in recent years, I am quite happy that this design is not a new Patek.

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