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1) Запрещено спамить порно сайты и рекламу xxx для взрослых, в том числе публиковать любые другие запрещенные материалы по законам!!!
2) Запрещено называть тему чисто английскими буквами или цифрами (кириллица - не важно), ваше название темы должно содержать как минимум 50% русских / украинских слов
(осмысленное название), ибо чисто англ. буквы (в том числе ссылки), это тупой спам на который потом ссылаются с интернета всякие боты, п0рн0 спамеры, а они мне тут и нафиг не нужны.
3) При не соблюдении первых двух правил - вы будете забанены по IP, не вынуждайте меня этого делать.
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Grand Seiko's beautiful ice glowing blue surface: 44GS anniversary products SLGH013, SBGY009 GRAND SEIKO has always been very good at running the theme of anniversary, specially 2022 coincides with the 55th anniversary of 44GS, plus its reasonable and reasonable to push out a a variety of limited and restricted cheap replica watches with great bande. After all, 44GS is the central of GRAND SEIKO's manufacturer design vocabulary, laying the normal principles of easy-to-read, lovely and precise watches. Various modern watches that will usually inherit the 44GS case are a tribute to the timeless classics, but also a contemporary outlook.

On this occasion [GS Talks] was presented by a pair of speakers: Joseph from HOROGUIDES and Michael from Seiko's flagship store in Ximen. They started with a various commemorative watches for the 55th anniversary of 44GS, which include SLGH013 "Snow Melting", SBGY009 "Moon Sky Heart" ” and two Midsize designs with a diameter of thirty six. 5 mm.

"Snow Melting" Beautiful Ice Blue Exterior
The window view associated with early spring in front of the watchmaker

In past times two years, major brands get continuously launched ice azure ice blue surface, nevertheless unless you see this Fantastic Seiko's SLGH013 "snow melting", you can understand how beautiful the genuine ice blue surface is usually. This SLGH013 is encouraged by the light blue-purple along with rough ice surface from the ice surface when the excellent skiing conditions melts in early spring. In comparison with GRAND SEIKO's other renowned snow-inspired masterpiece "Snow Princess", its face plate photo is from The thick snow fall in the middle of winter, both of that happen to be based on the theme of snow, though the artistic conception is completely distinct.best swiss replica watches

The white steel stuff used in the SLGH013 event was mostly used in minimal editions in the past, but this time ?t had been devolved to a non-limited fashion and equipped with the next-generation 9SA5 movement. The overall settings of the case is matched with Zaratsu polishing, reflecting the quality of GS.

Grand Seiko Heritage SLGH013 "Snow Melting" Model Data White Steel / 9SA5 Automatic Movement / Time, Minutes, Seconds, Date Exhibit / Water Resistance 100m suggestions Diameter 40mm.

midsize thirty-six. 5mm style
Collected by simply male and female collectors

2022 is also the year when GRAND SEIKO pushes midsize versions. From the pink-faced "Sakura Hidden", the light blue "Cloud Sea", the new SBGW291 and SBGW293, with silver face in addition to brown face, respectively, which has a diameter of 36. your five mm, a large watch for could watch fans and a imitation watches for men's watch supporters. It is a midsize suitable for men and women collectors.artificial watches for sale

Grand Seiko Heritage SBGW291 watch information White stainlesss steel material / 9S64 self-winding movement / hours, short minutes, seconds display / water proof 100 meters / height 36. 5mm.

Grand Seiko Heritage SBGW293 watch data White steel material or 9S64 self-winding movement and hours, minutes, seconds exhibit / water resistance 100 metres / diameter 36. 5mm.

The metal solid bottom level cover of the watch is definitely engraved with the three-dimensional représentation of the roaring lion regarding GS, which is called "lion kiss" when worn on the wrist, like leaving a lion tatto mark.best replica watches

Moonlight, Night Sky, Mountain Shadow
Symphonic Psalm "Moon Sky Heart"

This SBGY009 "Moon Sky Heart" is certainly one that Michael thinks is actually underestimated by the market. Although dark blue dial see is not uncommon, the radiado sun pattern of this type presents different blue colors under different color conditions, especially in sunlight to truly demonstrate brightness of the sun style, with the golden yellow GS Logo and second hand, more intended for bright.

Grand Seiko Historical past SBGY009 "Moon Sky Heart" Model Information Stainless Steel suggestions 9R31 Manual Winding Activity / Hours, Minutes, Moments Display / Water Resistant 100m / Diameter 40mm.

Beyond the unique brightness of the switch, SBGY009 is also the first 44GS modern case type pre-loaded with a 9R31 hand-wound activity. The ruby bearings as well as blue steel screws in the movement are scattered such as a galaxy, echoing the moonlit night scene of the call.https://www.reviewluxurystore.com

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